Stilettos In The Kitchen

Gals that Brunch

This wasn’t a ‘Sunday Brunch’ but we were on vaca mode so every day was the weekend.  While out site seeing in London, we stumbled upon this charming spot – Byward Kitchen & Bar; offering homemade, traditional, British food.  We had not had breakfast at this point, so we were starving (or at least I was) – anything would do!  This spot actually turned out to be pretty great.  It even has a lovely outdoor seating area, but unfortunately it was too cold so we opted to sit inside. 

The food was good, I ate every crumb on my plate (probably because I was starving!), but my favorite was COFFEE and TEA time!  If you go to the UK, you gotta have tea, right?!  The tea pots and cups we were served in were b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, I wanted to take them home! 

We ate, we drank, we laughed (and obviously took some photos [for the gram]), and were on our way to explore London. 

Now I’m in NY on the hunt for a cute tea set (still!), which I should’ve bought while in London…would’ve probably had more luck.  So if you see any send my way!



[our photo genius friend Merma not pictured]

360 View of Byward Kitchen & Bar below: